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Entrelazadas, no estamos solas A.C.

Entrelazadas, no estamos solas A.C.

Fundraising campaign to end gender-based violence $1 at a time.

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Fundraising campaign to end gender-based violence $1 at a time.


destiny, goal $50000.0

Remaining days 46

Given that gender-based violence (GBV), especially within the home, has been on the rise, Entrelazadas, no estamos solas A.C. (ENES) is a Mexican non-profit organization founded as a civil society response to the lack of resources and justice for victims/survivors of these forms of violence. The intervention model we designed seeks to dismantle the normalization of gender violence, so that we offer services and workshops in which people become aware of the violence they have been subjected to while, at the same time, we work with their families from an integral and systemic approach.
As part of our intervention model, we offer health services (medicine, nutrition, psychology and dentalcare) and workshops to our beneficiaries to learn trades, know their rights and regain self-confidence to break the cycles of GBV. We offer these services for very affordable fees. However, the only reason we charge anything is because we do not yet have consistent and stable funding. The goal of this fundraising is to have the resources to be able to improve the spaces where we offer the aforementioned services and lower the fees (or even eliminate them, depending on the help we receive!).

+ 2000 beneficiaries of our 3 programs and services between 2021 and 2022.
Entrelazadas, no estamos solas A.C. has 4 health services and three social development programs that aim to improve the living conditions of women and their families in a comprehensive and sustainable way. These programs are focused on developing comprehensive educational and training processes that promote the protection of women who suffer situations of gender violence. The purpose of this is to raise awareness and show the beneficiaries the damage caused not only to the victims, but also to the family and society. We achieve this by raising awareness and transmitting universal values, promoting innovative and creative initiatives for development and social action.
+2 economic development and health projects for women between 18 and 70 years of age in the Cuauhtémoc Mayor's Office during 2021 and 2022.
Sixteen sexual and reproductive health workshops were held for adolescent and adult women in 16 different areas of the Historic Center of Mexico City, benefiting 1225 people: 793 women and 432 men. The beneficiaries ranged in age from 8 to 85 years old. In addition, 50 properties were visited in the neighborhoods of Centro, Guerrero, Obrera and Peralvillo in the Cuauhtémoc district. We are currently developing a training program for 50 women entrepreneurs in the Historic Center, which consists of offering workshops and personalized advice for each enterprise.
+100 children will benefit from our child health prevention program in the Xochimilco District during the years 2021 and 2022.
With the objective of promoting a healthy life among children in vulnerable situations in rural and urban areas, 3 dental health days were held for children in 2 elementary schools and 1 children's home in the Xochimilco municipality with the objective of promoting the correct habit of oral hygiene among children, and basic oral hygiene kits were distributed to children.
Two workshops were facilitated (one for lower elementary school and the other for upper elementary school) on sanitary measures to prevent Covid-19 in two elementary schools in the Xochimilco district: one private and one public.

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