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University technicians for change

University technicians for change

Support our Higher Technical University level students, who see the continuity of their studies threatened

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Support our Higher Technical University level students, who see the continuity of their studies threatened


destiny, goal $278,000

Remaining days 0

We are committed to joining efforts to support our students of academic excellence at the Higher Technical University level, who see the continuity of their studies threatened by the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

They or their relatives have lost their jobs or have suffered a reduction in wages, which puts them in a difficult situation to continue with their studies.

As a result of the cases at risk of dropout presented, we created a Contingency Fund, which is aligned with our objective of supporting our students and their families who are facing an economic situation of great vulnerability as a result of the effects of the pandemic.

Currently, we have supported 47 students with their payments from tuition, which would not have been possible without the trust of the councilors, associates and friends of the Board of Trustees who have joined the cause by making a donation. If we all join in, we will reach our goal of ensuring that 10 more students are supported for two and a half years, and thus can complete their studies.

I invite you to join the Contingency Fund for Students and transform their lives with education.

Higher University Technician careers can help more Mexicans have a degree, making their integration into the labor market more effective and better paid, which will translate into increased productivity in sectors such as manufacturing, technology, tourism, social development and communications.

It all adds up! You can help these young people so they can say: "I am proudly a Higher University Technician" transforming their lives and the productivity of the entire country.

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Pablo Alvarez Ortega

Con la intención de ayudar a quien en tiempo de crisis lo necesita.

María Guadalupe Barrera ...

Muy buena labor para ayudar a nuestros estudiantes Tecnico Superior Universitario, ojalá no haya deserción


Ánimo TSU's!!!! Vamos a cambiar el mundo