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Más Bosque Manu

Enhance safety in Bosque de la Primavera, Zapopan, with first aid, rescuers, and efficient medical support for all

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Who we are

There are so many reasons why MBM started, but the most important one arose from a great loss.

In mid-2021, Manuel Magallanes Ibarra, "Manu," a passionate mountain biker, had an accident in the La Primavera forest. After riding one of his favorite trails, he fell and suffered severe injuries. Despite attempts to help him, he did not survive. With his departure, many things lost their meaning, while many others gained strength of their own.

A great human being, a great legacy

Some may think that losing Manu was a shocking event, a brake in life, but it was not. His daring spirit inspired many projects, urging those around him to get to work, from dedicating bike competitions to climbing higher mountains in his memory.

Love always transcends

So it happens, that one day dawns clearer and a plan begins to take shape to help more people. The desire to prevent others from losing their "Manu" becomes the only transcendent topic. How can accidents in the forest be avoided? Is there a way to provide timely assistance on the La Primavera trails? The goal is very ambitious, but it is clear, it is possible, if we all help.

That is why we want to dedicate this project to our Manu, son, brother, friend, up there on the highest peak where you are. We want to tell you that More Forest Manu is to honor you and to feel your company.

We miss you

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Solo con tu ayuda podemos seguir adelante, es una obra muy importante para nosostros y para todos los que van al Bosque de la Primavera, seguiremos ayudando!!!