Alicia I+D+A

Alicia I+D+A

¡El principal reto es poder realizar la impresión de 1,000 libros y que este gran proyecto trascienda!

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¡El principal reto es poder realizar la impresión de 1,000 libros y que este gran proyecto trascienda!


destiny, goal $20,000

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Creado por Paseo Mezquitán

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Guadalajara has streets full of color, culture and people who day by day are part of the city’s identity. Mezquitan Street is definitely one of them, is one of the most emblematic streets of the city and it’s witness to a story of constant transformation. However, city’s population growth concentrates a great commercial activity in downtown that takes away the value of its architectural heritage, turning it into an insecure area that is perceived as abandoned.
The project begins when Perímetro Propiedades buys the Roxy, one of the most recognized cinemas in the 40’s located on Mezquitan Street, which was abandoned a couple of times going from being a cinema to a place of Guadalajaras counterculture. While rescuing the building, the idea of "Paseo Mezquitan" was born, which is a cultural district where the renovation and artistic intervention of the facades sets to create a new space of coexistence between the cultural and commercial activities. It is an invitation for the visitor to appropriate the public space and recover the sense of a traditional neighborhood with a new approach.
Among the actions to improve this promenade, the second edition of the Festival Camarada has been made, a volunteering project that seeks to rescue public spaces in the city through community actions.
In Alicia I+D+A we want to make a book and a 10 minute documentary film about this transformation, with the purpose that this great project transcends. Through the narrative and the images we seek to be witnesses of the historical process of the conservation of this street and its main buildings, as well as to know and give voice to its protagonists. We believe that these types of actions are important and should be shared. To achieve this, we need your support.
To achieve our goal, our main challenge is to print 1,000 high quality books, so we invite you to join the cause and support us to collect the necessary donations to print the copies.


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