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Thank you for consulting the Privacy Politics of Fondify.

In this document the type of information that we manage to get and the way we use it is described, including all the information of any service provided by Fondify or any of its subsidiary and affiliated companies.

The protection of your information and the transparency as we use it, is one of the most important obligations from us with you. You entrust us your information and it is our responsibility to protect it.

Fondify will guarantee the privacy of the information from the private individuals and the right they have to the access, rectification and cancellation of their personal details, watching every moment the managing essentials that derive from the protection of personal details.

The owner of the personal details declares, that it is his consent to give his information and that

he does it under no deceitful and dishonest way. It is the owner himself who gives free and informed the personal details with the purpose to carry out the object for which he registers in the platform and uses its tools.

Fondify limits itself to carry out the foreseen purposes in the privacy notice, watching every moment to carry out the essentials of protection of the personal details and adopting the e us

What information we manage to get

In order to be able to create an account with Fondify and use its services, we must manage to get and deal certain information. Depending on the use the services will be given, this information can consist of:

Given information at the time the forms are completes in Fondify – as name, postal address and email, telephone number and residence land, information of when the register occurs and access codes. We will ask for this information when you register as user of the services, you subscribe to our bulletins, load or send any type of material through Fondify, or you ask for some information;

Information of requests or transactions realized through the services. Every payment-information that you send will be managed and will be used by our payment processors in agreement to the privacy politics. Fondify does not stores your payment information, except the four last numbers of the card, the expiration date and the issue land of the card, this information is required for fiscal, regulation and security purposes,

Information about your activity and interaction with Fondify (as your private address and the sort of device or navigator that you use and your operations in our site),

Communications with us (par example, when you ask for help, you send us questions or comments or you notify a problem); and information you send to Fondify in form of comments, discussions or messages from other users.

How redo we use your information

The given information will be used for the following purposes:

To keep the security of your account;

To give us the opportunity to provide services, as well as to improve, promote and protect those services;

To start and administrate your account, to be able to communicate with you and personalize your experience in Fondify (par example showing you a room, that we think will be interesting for you, on the base of the previous use of our site); and to track the use of the services to improve Fondify continuously.

How do we share your information

Information shared in public

When you create an account with us, we create for you a page of basic profile in Fondify that contains your user´s name, date of account’s creation and a list of projects that you have sponsored or created. Whenever your name of account appears in Fondify (par example, when you donate for a campaign), the remainder users can make click in your name of account to see your pro file. Later on, you will see a list of the information that is visible publicly in your profile or in any other part of Fondify (This is the information that Fondify publishes:

User’s name and the date of creation of his account; the whole information that you decide to add to your profile (photo, biography, location); projects that you have sponsored (but not the amounts of the contributions neither the selected rewards); Please bear in mind that if you start session in Fondify, we will copy the information that you have in that social net, including the profile’s image. If you don’t want that the image of your profile or your name appears in the page of a project’s community, choose an image or a name that cannot be identified easily with your person.

Information that is not shared publicly

The following personal information will not be shown in public, nor will it be revealed to other users:

The payment’s information that you give; your IP address; your phone number; and communications that you send us (par example, when you request help, you send us questions or comments or notify a problem).

We will never publish anything in Facebook, Twitter or other accounts without your permission. We don’t sell your data and never will. It is required that the creators load some documents nothing else than to verify identity.

Shared information with services from thirds of our confidence

Fondify will never share your personal details and far from it will sell them. In the case of sharing your information with thirds nationals or foreigners, it will be only to carry out the objectives of the user, Fondify will communicate the user, owner of the personal details, that the information will be shared to fulfill the purposes of the project, afterwards the privacy notice will be communicated and the purposes to which the owner hold its treatment, to the third to whom he transfers them.

Probably we share information with certain services of thirds of our confidence, which help us to provide, improve, promote and protect Fondify’s services (as par example when we associate with payment prosecutors or when we use services to administrate our advertisements in other web sites). When we share data with third’s services that support Fondify’s delivery services, we demand that the information is used only for the purposes authorized by us and that they protect the personal details of our users with the same standards as we do. We can as well share information in summarized and anonymous form.

For the effects of personal details transference with thirds, the owner of the personal details accepts that his information is transferred to third, with the only purpose to carry out the object of his project.

Information shared with creators and donors (between persons that have a bond or relation through the collection channels.)

When you make a donation or purchase for some project, the creator will see your name of account, the contributed amount and the reward, experience or selected article, when the parts interact in the different collection channels, however he never will see the data of your credit card or other type of information related to the payments.

The creator will see the email address associated to your Fondify account. It is also possible, that the creator sends you a questionnaire to request necessary information with the objective to facilitate your purchase, reward and/or article (par example, it is possible that he needs you post address or the size of your t-shirt). The creator will only receive the information that you five in those questionnaires.

It is possible that the creators and their collaborators also receive anonymous information about the forms the users visit or interact with the project’s pages, through routine traffic analysis.

Information shared with the purpose to protect Fondify and obey the law

We reserve us the right to reveal data of personal character if we think that doing it is reasonable necessary to fulfill or apply the law, avoid frauds or abuses, or protect the rights of Fondify.

Fondify is able to deny to the owner the right to access of personal details, to rectification and cancellation due to the following causes:

When the right of thirds is injured or the public interest is affected, when there is a legal impediment or resolution of a competent authority that restricts the access to information, Foindify must notify the negative to the owner.

Rights of the owners of personal details

The owners of personal details will be able, at all moment, to practice the referent rights to his personal details, such as accede to his information, rectify and cancel it.

They will be able to accede their personal information with the simple request in Fondify so that the owner can revise it; the rectification will be realized when the owner’s personal details are incorrect or have changed with the pass of time, that’s why the owner must indicate the data to be changed, including the documents accrediting saying modification; and the cancellation will be realized when the owner’s purpose has been fulfilled.

Access to you information

To modify or eliminate the data of personal character that you shared with us, start session and actualize your profile. It is possible that we conserve certain data because of strictly legal reasons or because of specific commercial reasons.

If you request it, we will give you a copy of personal character data, which we have about you.

The shipment of that copy is subject to a charge, which in no case will be higher than the rate allowed by the law.


We communicate with you only if you want it. We try to send the least amount of emails possible and give you the option of not receiving any more the promotional communications that we send.

We will send you the emails related to your transactions in Fondify. You will as well get some promoting communications, in accordance with your preferences and whose reception you can cancel any moment.

We will also send you announcements related to the services when it is necessary.


Minors less than 18 years old (or the legal age valid in your jurisdiction) cannot use Fondify alone, therefore, this privacy politics does not consider the use of the web site.

The information that you send through the Services can be transferred to other countries. We will protect the received information in agreement with the Privacy Politics.

Any additional information or doubts contact: