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Clínica Salvando Latidos A.C.

Clínica Salvando Latidos A.C.

Creation of a cardiovascular disease clinic that will provide 1st level services to vulnerable people.

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Creation of a cardiovascular disease clinic that will provide 1st level services to vulnerable people.


destiny, goal $500000.0

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Creado por Salvando Latidos

Mexico is a high risk country for the development of cardiovascular diseases (CVD), proof of this is that 77% of the deaths registered in 2017 in our country were due to this disease. Multiple studies have been carried out to determine the impact of cardiovascular risk (CVR) in the otherwise healthy population and it has been found that these conditions increase every year and is strongly linked to the presence of risk factors.

The launch of a cardiovascular disease detection and care clinic will offer high-level medical services to vulnerable people of all ages through a low recovery fee or free of charge, as the case may be. The general objective of this unit is to decrease the morbidity and mortality derived from these conditions; promote a culture of prevention of these diseases, and therefore, improve the quality of life of our patients for their efficient reintegration into their daily activities.

This unit will offer specialty consultation in Cardiology, Cardiopediatrics, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Nutrition, Psychology, Nephrology and Geriatrics. Cabinet studies will be carried out in the same building, such as: electrocardiograms, stress tests, 24-hour holter tests and echocardiograms (equipment that the Civil Association already has). On the other hand, free social training will be held at the facilities, seeking to educate the population on topics such as: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Use of the AED, first aid and cardiovascular health issues.

During his period of care, the patient may join groups of volunteers that support other patients and relatives victims of cardiovascular diseases. This unit will have an operating model that will guarantee its self sustainability and will be the first of its kind in Jalisco.

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Norma Navarro

Gracias por crear cambios positivos!

Enedina Iberri Robles

Excelente trabajo el que están haciendo, necesitamos en el mundo mas gente como ustedes