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Transplants in times of COVID

Transplants in times of COVID

Campaign to buy immunosuppressive medicine for transplant patients to keep their kidney alive

collected $7,300

Destiny, goal $86,000

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Campaign to buy immunosuppressive medicine for transplant patients to keep their kidney alive


destiny, goal $86,000

Remaining days 0

With the health contingency of COVID-19, many chronic diseases were forgotten and became something of second necessity in the eyes of society, which now understands that health is the most precious gift and that health comes first.

The reality is very different, especially for kidney and transplant patients without social security, who are now in an even more vulnerable situation. Their panorama is not very favorable, they are in the category of "high risk population" due to the Coronavirus, if we add to this that the majority do not have a job and those who do have are informal jobs that had to stop due to the contingency, now they are arms crossed, without income and in great need to continue with their treatments and medications.

A Life Opportunity since 2012 began with the payment of transplant surgery, managing to support 87 young people so far. All of them require taking immunosuppressive medications, to preserve the function of your new kidney, the approximate cost per month is between: $ 4,500 to $ 10,000 depending on your schedule.

Today we want to help them with this great weight and let them know that they are not alone, that is why this campaign is for them and provide them with the medicines that preserve their lives

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Meche Arambula

Mucho éxito en su campaña! Si se puede!!!! #aquinadietruena

José Francisco Pérez

Yo también soy paciente trasplantado, díganme si les puedo apoyar en algo más. Saludos!




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