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Complete a smile

Complete a smile

We want to complete the smile of all our children who have never had access to oral health due to poverty.

collected $9,000

Destiny, goal $100,000

Remaining days 33

We want to complete the smile of all our children who have never had access to oral health due to poverty.


destiny, goal $100,000

Remaining days 33

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), oral health is essential to enjoy good health and a good quality of life. Oral diseases, even though they can occur in all social groups, are usually more frequent in people in conditions of
vulnerability. In Mexico, according to the results of the Sistema de Vigilancia Epidemiológica de Patologías Bucales 2017  (SIVEPAB), in children between 5 and 9 years old who attended health services, the index of decayed, lost and filled (DMFT ) was on average 3.90%. For dental caries in the permanent dentition in the 10 to 14 year old group, the DMFT index had an average of 2.84%.

The above data is relevant, considering that our children are within these age ranges and come from the same vulnerable regions and impacted by high levels of extreme poverty, for this reason, in Villa de los Niños we want to improve the quality of life of our children through early intervention.

We have a dental clinic that has provided basic support but we need your help to be able to complete it with the necessary equipment and materials so that we can provide the best dental health service to children and prevent diseases in other parts of the body.

These are some of the equipment and materials from which you can select and make your contribution to achieve our goal. As you can see, our needs are many, but we are sure that with your support we will achieve it. Once you make your donation you can share your email with us the report once we reach the goal.

Bottles of zinc oxide and eugenol.
Boxes of latex gloves sizes medium and small.
Paper field packs.
amalgam capsules
Saliva Ejector Packs
Glass ionomer boxes.
Periapical radiograph boxes.
Light curing resin kits.
Microbrush packets.
FG 1 carbide sockets.
Prophy brush boxes.
Topical anesthetic bottles.
1 pc of complete dental unit or independent of the two existing units.
High speed handpieces.
Low speed parts.
Larger x-ray reveal box
Basic exploration team (1X4)
Pieces of each straight risers #1, 2 and 3
L and R flag riser
Forceps 151, 151s, 150, 101, 17, 22, 69, 88I, 88R, 53L, 53R
Syringes to anesthetize
Amalgam holder.
Short Dental Needle Boxes
Extra short dental needle boxes.
Liters of injectable or bidistilled water in gallons or liters
Sterilization bags 1X4 (31/2X9” with 200 pieces)
Ejector bags in bags of 100 pieces
bib bags
Pack of dental gauzes
Box of scalpel blades with 100 pieces.

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Antonia Pacheco Mejía

Mucha gente pequeña, en lugares pequeños, haciendo cosas pequeñas, puede cambiar el mundo.

aguilar teofilo bernardino

Gracias a villa de los niños


Escuché de Villa de los Niños por gente que conozco, más no tengo el plaser de conocer la institución, sin embargo por todas sus imágenes y vídeos se que es una noble causa y me alegra que mucha gente se esté sumando a apoyar a Villa de los Niños. Me reconforta el alma saber que mi granito de arena ayuda a completar la sonrisa de niños que nunca han tenido acceso a este servicio tan importante.

Donadora Anonima

Siempre que pueda apoyar, lo haré, estoy muy agradecida de que mi hijo este en Villa de los Niños y sea un jovencito de bien y con metas de llegar lejos.

Gilberto Alvarado

Un granito de arena para esta noble causa

Luz elena de ...

Espero les sirva mi donativo un granito de arena


I hope more people donate to the Villa de los Niños, they do an incredible work that totally changes the lives of all its beneficiaries. All girls and boys leave the school with a high quality education level and return to their hometown to change the life of their family and society. I'm so thankful for having met this wonderful association.

claudia alejandra flores ...

gracias Villa de los Niños por mi educación y cuidado por 5 años, no tengo con que pagarles todo lo que hicieron por mi.


Espero que cumplan la meta

Tony Carrillo