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Saving those who care for us from COVID 19

Saving those who care for us from COVID 19

Salvando Latidos A.C. will donate protection material for health personnel who face this contingency.

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Salvando Latidos A.C. will donate protection material for health personnel who face this contingency.



destiny, goal $100,000

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Creado por Salvando Latidos

SARS-COV-2 infection, also called COVID 19, is a critical situation in which we all must collaborate to try to curb its mortality. Around the world more than 1,00,000 cases have been reported, in Mexico more than 1,000 have been confirmed.

We have seen how health systems in other countries have collapsed due to demand, this confirmed by colleagues from Salvando Latidos A.C. who work in hospitals in France, Italy, Germany and Spain. Our country does not have the infrastructure to deal with a health crisis of this magnitude.

The strategic objectives of the World Health Organization contemplate the use of the appropriate protective equipment to face the contingency, that is why Salvando Latidos, in its commitment to improve the health of Mexico, together with its allies wants to invite them to be part of this project to raise funds and donate the protection material needed by the health personnel who deal with the reference hospitals that care for these patients.

For this we will follow this process:

1. In the first phase we will raise funds for the acquisition of materials.

2. The selection of sites will be aligned to the official announcements of the State / Federal Government about the contingency centers starting with the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area that cares for seriously ill patients and Civil Society Organizations that house people.

In a second moment, hospitals with positive cases in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area and first contact centers. And finally, if the support is sufficient within the State and the Mexican Republic.

3. For the request, you must contact the association to give personalized follow-up and see the delivery of the materials.

The campaign is aimed at healthcare personnel who are at the forefront of care, with your help we can save those who care for us.

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Felipe Horta

Vamos todos apoyando a nuestros héroes anónimos, todo cuenta




Ojalá ayude para darle a los médicos las herramientas necesarias para su cuidado.

Ferran Moreno Herrejon

Gracias siempre por vivir la vocación de servicio a todo el sistema sanitario y gracias a la sociedad civil por vivir la solidaridad


Gracias por su labor!!

Maria Villela Herrera

Muchas gracias por coordinar este esfuerzo. Exitos!


Gracias al personal médico por su compromiso y vocación para sacarnos de esta situación tan complicada.

Marco Felix

Espero seguir apoyando a tan bonita labor, saludos!

Familia Sevilla

Unidos saldremos adelante